Friday, 8 November 2013

Fresh Meat... of the taxonomic by-products of the Apocalypse Survivors kit. These are the 'freshly turned', the most recent victims of the epidemic, still gripped by rigour mortis and relatively clean, fresh and intact (except for Bob here who was crying out for a mild evisceration).

The great majority of zombie miniatures are by convention and necessity monstrous, rotted and demonic caricatures. This is after all what we're paying for however the horde would certainly contain a good few who had died from a scratch, heart attack or other invisible cause and turned before they could be eaten.Get Adobe Flash player
 Some of the Apocalypse Survivor 'average Joe' heads are well detailed and quite characterful and fit nicely on the Studio Minis plastic torso, giving you a relatively healthy looking specimen.
A range of sickly pallors should prevent these guys from looking too buff.

The normality of these characters should help to dilute the fantasy aesthetic a little while lending the more 'horrific' sculpts some context and credibility. Also, easy bonus zombies!!


  1. Very good they all look great especially Bob :D

    1. Cheers buddy :)
      Statistically I feel at least 1 in 10 zombies should be 'over sharing' in the guts department!

  2. I think I prefer the "recently turned" models to the more cadaverous looking rotting corpses we so often see and you're right about the plastics providing very suitable models for this very purpose.
    I've also thought that from the various plastic sets currently available it would be fairly easy to make both a survivor and their zombie counterpart too.

    1. Ha! Excellent suggestion of before and after survivors!! When I get around to making some lunch for the horde that's definitely happening :)
      Depending on how far you would want to take it (for me too far is never far enough) I guess the ratio of 'fresh' to 'putrid' in ones horde depends on the scenario of ones game; be it within the first week of patient zero or a year or 2 down the line! As contemporary zombies are generally unarmed and unarmored their 'condition' could be seen to amount to WYSIWYG in gaming terms! I've been considering house rules where reactions, movement, damage and rate of infection are influenced by how long the zombie has been zombified.
      Sorry I'm frothing here... but there is certainly a disparity between the identity of a figure as a playing piece on the table (guts out = undead) and the actual narrative of its sculpt in relation to the game/scenario being played. Interesting stuff... *wipes chin
      Could you recommend any kits out there that would serve as 'fresh meat'? I've read that WF Celts work well with a little conversion. Military kits seem to offer some potential but there's a limit to how many 'postmen/emergency services/armed forces/WW2 re-enactment society members' one can shoe-horn into a generic modern horde :)