Sunday, 7 April 2013


Love zombies, love miniatures, love zombie miniatures...

At some point I had to crack and succumb to the indulgent joy of creating a zombie horde.

That point is now.

The aim is to create a contemporary urban zombie horde of 100 + zeds with a naturalistic colour palette and a grimy, bleak, realistic vibe. I want serious shambling horror here.

Having checked out the 28 / 30 mm plastic zombie kits currently available, a box of the following is on order as well as a selection of lead and resin zombie miniatures and heads, focusing on sculpts with detail and character.

Plastic Zombie Kits:
Mantic Miniatures - fantasy zombies and ghouls
Studio miniatures  - modern male and nazi zombies
Wargames Factory - modern male and female zombies
Games Workshop - fantasy zombies

Resin Zombie heads:
Puppets War zombies - 8 heads, 4 types.
Maxmini zombies - 10 heads, all different.
Maxmini evil heads - 10 heads, all different. These aren't strictly zombies but should make suitably sinister 'freshly turned' undead, some have punk style hair cuts which should add to the contemporary look of the horde.

Metal Zombie heads:
West Wind zombies - 8 types.

The plan is to mash up the 'best' elements of the ranges, legs here, torso there into a horrific and varied hybrid horde.

To maximise on thematic and narrative possibilities a variety of urban theme resin bases from various manufacturers are on order as well as some props, litter, bins etc

So thanks for looking and watch this space, this should be all kinds of rotten fun.

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