Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Lead Will Walk the Earth...

So here's the first all metal miniature in the horde. 

He's a simple conversion of 'Cult Zombie "Moe" from  Fenris Games
(He seems to have vanished from their website though)! 

Below is the 'Moe' torso with the (rather small) head removed and replaced with (an arguably too large) one from West Wind SotTR. 

I love the Moe torso with its dragging gait and especially for the limb being eaten! The horror of the cannibalistic nature of zombification is rarely explored in miniature so fair play to the sculptor! 

Moe would be great for a 'feeding' diorama with other limb clutchers gathered around a dismembered torso; probably on an 80mm base.

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